1981: Degree in Medicine and Surgery M.D. from the University of Milan graduated with honors

1984: Specialty in Dentistry D.D.S. graduated with honors

1986: Specialty in Orthodontics M.s.C. graduated with honors

Fellowship at:

  • 1997: Department of Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery (Head: Philip J. Boyne, DMD, MS, DSc), School of Dentistry, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda CA (1991).
  • 2000: Division of Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery (Head: Robert E. Marx,DDS), School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami FL

Qualified as Associate and Full Professor by the Italian National Academic Board of the Ministry Of Education.



President (2007-2008) of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology (SICOI).

President (2017-2018) of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO)

Vice-chair of the “Academy of Osseointegration (AO) Global Program Development Committee.”

Member of the “Credential Committee” for the Academy of Osseointegration (AO).

Section Editor: Clinical Concepts for the “International Journal of Oral Implantology” (IJOI), Quintessence Publishing, Hanover Park, Illinois (USA).

Member of the Editorial Board of: The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants (IJOMI), Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc., Illinois (USA).

International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry (IJPRD), Quintessence Publishing, Hanover Park, Illinois (USA).

Scientific Director of the Journal Quintessenza Internazionale, Quintessence Italy.

Referee for Oral Surgery and Implantology for the National Commission of the Ministry of Health for continuous education in Medicine and Dentistry.

Referee of the Cochrane Collaboration for the Oral Health Group.

Diplomate Academy of Osseointegration (AO)



Head of the Section of Implant Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation. IRCCS, Galeazzi Hospital – Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy.
Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Science (Chairman: prof. L. Francetti), University of Milan, Italy (

Adjunct Professor, School Dentistry University of Milan.

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1078 USA ( ).

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA 02115 USA.

Lecturer at the Elective Course (Director: Prof. A.B. Giannì) “Implant Rehabilitation of the Atrofic Maxillae”, University of Milan.

Lecturer at the Full Immersion Residential Course of Implant Prosthetics, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Dental School, Post-University School (Director: Prof. E. F. Gherlone, Coordinator: Prof. R. Vinci).

Lecturer at the Master course in Digital Dentistry (Director: Prof. A. Macchi), University of Insubria, Department of Surgical and Morphological Sciences (Director: Prof. A. Tagliabue).

Lecturer at the Master course in Forensic Odontology (Director: Prof. Gian Aristide Norelli), University of Florence, Department of Health Sciences, Section of Medical-Forensic Sciences.

Lecturer at the European Inter-University Diploma in Implantology, University of Corsica “Pasquale Paoli,” Department Santé (Director: Prof. Pascal Valentini), Diplôme Inter-Universistaire Européen d’Implantologie, Corte Corsica, France, and at the University of Liège, Belgium (Director: Prof. Eric Rompen).

Lecturer at the Master course in Digital Dentistry (Director: Prof. A. Cerutti) University of Brescia, Italy.

Lecturer at the “University Diploma in Implantology,” Department of Biomaterials Handicap Research, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (Director: Prof. Thomas Albrektsson), and Clinica Aparicio (Director: Dr. Carlos Aparicio), Barcelona, Spain.

Visiting Professor at New York University, College of Dentistry (Director: Prof. D. P. Tarnow), New York, NY, USA.

Director of the “Master in Oral Implantology,” IRCCS Galeazzi Institute and University of Milan.



President (2007-2008) of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology (SICOI).

President (2017-2018) of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO), Italian Academy of Implantology.

Active member:

  • Academy of Osseointegration (AO),
  • European Association for Osseointegration (EAO),
  • Italian Academy of Osseointegration (IAO)


William R. Laney Award for the best scientific article published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants (JOMI), volume 22, number 5, 2007, at the Congress of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO), San Diego, USA, February 26-28, 2009.

Recipient of the International Award for Research in Dentistry, XVI edition, year 2015, at the “Days of the Salerno Medical School,” awarded by the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the Province of Salerno.

Fellow of International College of Dentistry (FICD).



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