With 40 years dedicated to the dental profession, focused on scientific research and patient care, Prof. Tiziano Testori has founded the Lake Como Institute.

As the founder and Scientific Director of Lake Como Institute, he combines teaching with scientific and clinical research, fostering interdisciplinary teamwork and constant collaboration.

The implant faculty at the Lake Como Institute consists of colleagues trained in accordance with Prof. Testori’s teachings and working philosophy, emphasizing continuous education. This team of highly trained professionals work to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Over the years, the Lake Como Institute has evolved its teaching methodologies to meet the training needs of colleagues. Clinical excellence is achieved through meticulous protocols and attention to details, which are the key factors in achieving long-term results.

Combining this “winning philosophy” with 40 years of clinical experience, the Lake Como Institute organizes theoretical and practical courses in surgical, prosthetic, and orthodontic disciplines. These courses include live surgeries, workshops, and interactive sessions in a state-of-the-art center equipped for live surgery projections and workshops.

The commitment to sharing update knowledge, discussing new trends, and continuous improvement forms the foundation of the Lake Como Institute. Hundreds of Italian and international colleagues have attended the Institute, benefiting from the scientific expertise, technical skills, and enthusiasm of the entire teaching staff.



Prof. Testori has participated as a speaker in courses and congresses all over the world, sharing his experience and the experience of the schools he belongs to.